Dial Up Doesn't Mean You're Safe

Most of us use our computers on the Internet.  Whether we connect by our telephone line or a broadband connection there is a certain amount of risk involved these days.  Just connecting to the Internet and opening your browser is pause for caution.

Just because you use dial-up does not mean you are safe!

If you connect to the Internet via a dial-up modem, your risk increases with the duration that you remain connected.   As your computer
gets more and more infected it will become slower and more frustrating to use.  Buying a new computer will NOT solve this problem - you’re new computer will fall victim even faster. The best and least expensive route is to clean and protect your current investment.

Most updates required to clean and protect your system from Internet threats are large and designed more for the broadband user.   Having your system professionally cleaned and protected in-house is a recommended course of action.  Our maintenance and protection services ensure your updates and Internet security are complete.  Every 6 months we recommend another in-house update and scan.  Our in-house updates are done on a high speed connection, allowing us the ability to provide this service to you.

If you don’t think your computer is as protected as it should be: the longer you wait, the worse it gets.  Why pay extra for internet you can’t use or has made using your computer a headache?  Call us today for an evaluation: 815.345.4930