Friday, December 14, 2012

How to Fix the “Firefox Is Already Running” Error

The “Firefox is already running, but is not responding” error has haunted Firefox users for years. You don’t have to restart your computer when you see this error – you can usually fix it with a quick trip to the Task Manager.


U.S. November Search Engine Rankings: Google And Microsoft Up, Yahoo Down

comScore has put out its monthly search engine rankings for the United States, looking at the month of November. Google sites made up 67% of explicit core search queries conducted, up 0.1% from October, according to the firm. Explicit core search excludes contextually driven searches that don’t reflect specific user intent to interact with search results.


Facebook for iOS Gets Faster, Now Lets Users Choose a Photo Album When Uploading

iOS users who felt left out in the cold after Facebook announced that huge update for the Android app can now take comfort in the fact that the company hasn’t forgotten about them. In fact, Facebook gave them a speed boost as well.


10 Tech Products Caught in the Middle of Patent-Infringement Cases

The technology industry is being ravaged by countless patent-infringement cases between companies that argue their intellectual property is being stolen. Whenever a lawsuit is launched from one firm to another, before long, the company being sued turns their own case against the plaintiff. What's worse, whenever a lawsuit is filed, the plaintiff typically tosses whatever new products the defendant releases into the mix. It's a nasty cycle that has profound implications on both consumers and the companies involved in the lawsuits. There are two schools of thought on patent-infringement lawsuits. Companies like Apple say that they're simply protecting their own inventions, and want their competitors to stop "copying" their products. Firms like Google, however, say that patent lawsuits undermine innovation in the marketplace and could eventually stymie the growth of the mobile industry. Still, both companies are launching lawsuits. And if the rumors are correct, they won't stop any time soon. In the following slides, eWEEK analyzes which tech products have found their way into patent-infringement lawsuits and whether their sales have been negatively affected because of it.


Ten Ways to Write a Great Résumé

For IT workers and other professionals, the résumé may amount to the most career-critical writing you ever produce. Unfortunately, the résumé failure rate--which is surging now thanks to the wealth of computerized screeners that are quick to eliminate candidates--has been estimated as high as 99 percent. For starters, many résumés don't contain the proper keywords that can get your document in front of a human being who has a role in hiring. Second, a large number of résumés are wordy and full of irrelevant information that detracts from details that could get you the job. In addition, there often are many problems related to language, organization, clarity and general presentation. (Hint: The more concise and "clean" looking, the better. So think twice about using fancy fonts or an overload of bells and whistles.) To find out more, we turned to CareerBliss, a job-information hub that provides advice and resources related to employee morale. Finding a job can be a grinding, full-time job in itself, writes CareerBliss expert Ritika Trikha. So it's best to give yourself an early edge on competing candidates by using the following résumé best practices.


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