Tablets' Market Impact Is Increasing Rapidly: 10 Reasons Why

It’s hard to believe that before there was an iPad, the tablet market was largely ignored by consumers and even many enterprise users. For most folks, tablets were expensive, dull niche devices that didn’t deliver a new, fun or entertaining experience that they could relate to. Instead, they were designed for specialized industrial and professional markets. They relied heavily upon the stylus and were widely used in the health care field where professionals could quickly tap through files and find information about a person’s medical history. But in the post-iPad world, tablets are all the rage. Consumers and enterprise users around the globe have either jumped feet-first into the marketplace, or are planning to do so soon. And most research firms can agree that the tablet market is poised for bigger and better things in the coming years. This eWEEK slide show will provide some perspective on how tablets caught on in the computer market as versatile devices that can be used productively by nearly everybody.