Ten True Confessions of Telecommuters

If you've ever wondered what your telecommuting colleagues are really doing when they're working at home on the company clock, then consider the following findings from a recent survey from TeamViewer. Yes, a large percentage of telecommuters actually do work in their pajamas, and they will check off items on the household to-do list while phoning into a client conference call. (Hopefully, they'll keep the mute button activated if they're washing dishes.) But the more significant revelations from the survey indicate that telecommuting actually works on multiple levels: It makes for a healthier, more productive employee, while also reducing traffic on the roads and eliminating the downtime of commuting to and from an office. To remain highly productive, however, these professionals need more advanced tech tools to better manage their hardware and e-files. An estimated 500 Americans who work from home either full- or part-time took part in the research, which was conducted by uSamp...